SRI Receives Final Acceptance for Airfield Radar System

SRI has delivered and received customer acceptance for two ARS-1500 Airfield Radar Systems at an international airport in Florida. The ARS-1500 detects and tracks vehicles and aircraft to 2000 meters, and people to 1500 meters. With near zero false alarms and industry leading detection and tracking, ARS runs unattended and automates the task of airfield surveillance. ARS also integrates out of the box with existing cameras and Video Management Systems, making it a natural fit for most airports. After several Safe Skies evaluations and field trials at airports such as Orlando, Atlanta, Houston Intercontinental, and San Francisco, ARS has proven to be the most effective airfield surveillance solution available. ARS is also available in shorter range units down to 300 meters, to accommodate areas with a shorter line of sight. For more information about ARS, please contact SRI at info@

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