SRI Demonstrates Navtech/Dallmeier Integration at US International Airport

Security Radar Integrators, Inc.

SRI has teamed with Dallmeier to install and demonstrate our Airfield Radar System (ARS) integrated with Dallmeier Panomera® S8 Ultraline cameras at a US International airport.

In 2018, Navtech Radar Ltd. announced their integration with Dallmeier’s Multifocal Se nsor System Panomera® cameras. AsNavtech’sUSairportspartner,SRIwasexcitedabouttheprospectofbringingthisnewcapabilityto airports.

The added benefits of this new integration include continuous recording of the entire area of interest, automatic virtual zoom to follow objects tracked by the radar, and virtual real time zoom by multiple operators.


Since 2014, SRI’s Airfield Radar System has shown the usefulness of integrating Navtech long range radar sensors withdualcolor/thermalPTZcameras. Theradardoesagreatjobofdetectingobjectsofinterestover2000min range,andNavtech’sAdvanceGuardsecurityplatformprovidesasmoothautofollowwithFLIRPTseriesorother PTZcameras. Theresultisautomatedsurveillanceandcompletesituationalawareness.

Meanwhile, since 2011, Dallmeier has been using its Multifocal Sensor System technology which combines multiple camera sensors of varying focallengthsto provide a single panoramic view of wide areas. With up to 380 MPe resolution from the combined Panomera® Runway Surveillance System, multiple users or applications like AdvanceGuard can ‘zoom’ to different locationsin the image, all while the entire image is being recorded.


With an SRI Airfield Radar System at one location and 2x Dallmeier Panomera® Runway Surveillance Cameras, the integrated system provided 360 degrees of ARS radar and PTZ coverage augmented by 178 degrees of Panomera coverageoftheAircraftOperationsArea(AOA). The“visual”rangeofthesensorsusedwas2000meters,although thePanomera®Camerasrecordedactivityatmuchlongerranges. Infact,duringourdemonstrationperiodan incident occurred well outside of our 2000m test range, and the recorded Panomera® images clearly showed the incident in enough detail to assess and take corrective action.

In the AOA covered by the Panomera® cameras, AdvanceGuard followed activity with the FLIR PT camera and virtualzoomimagesfromthePanomera®cameras. Multipleviewsofrealtimeactivityincreasedawareness,and the entire Panomera® area was recorded at 30 frames per second (real time) at ultra high resolution for forensic analysis.

Outside the AOA, the 360-degree coverage provided by ARS radar and PTZ camera provided perimeter security and monitored non AOA activity.

During the weeks long demonstration, the ARS / Panomera® system exceeded all performance requirements and provedtobeuserfriendlyandreliable. WelookforwardtoworkingwithDallmeieronthisandfuturesurveillance projects.

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