SRI Automates Swimmer Detection With ARS-HD

SRI announces that its High Definition Airfield Radar System has undergone operational test and evaluation for swimmer detection by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc.

Because of last year’s advances in SRI’s Airfield Radar System (now ARS-HD), swimmer detection is approaching 100%, a level that has not been seen until now by ground surveillance radars. This is because the ARS-HD has the highest resolution available, 17 times the next best option. This high resolution, combined with sophisticated classification and user defined rules, allows ARS-HD to better filter out clutter and discriminate between normal activity and a possible threat. Once the threat is on land or inside the perimeter, it continues to classify and track the object as long as it is in view of the 360 degree radar, out to a mile in every direction. By using radar combined with automatic thermal camera follow and alarming, ARS-HD automates airfield surveillance, freeing up security and operations personnel to perform more important activities. The Navtech radar used by SRI has been adopted by 30 airports in Europe, and is now being rapidly adopted in the US, now that the FCC has approved the use of our frequency with no license required.

This is the third evaluation of the SRI system that Safe Skies performed for the FAA since 2016. In addition to this swimmer detection test, it was tested for long range intruder detection at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport, and for airfield safety at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. Full reports for these evaluations are available to Airport Security Coordinators at US commercial-service airports by emailing

About SRI

SRI is a US-based company focusing on radar based surveillance for safety and security. We are based in Rockledge, Florida, and our mission is to make our airports and seaports safer using technology to automate the surveillance function. SRI was founded in 2012 by Daniel Flynn, with prior experience of over 20 radar based installations. Since then, SRI has deployed multiple airport and seaport installations, and performed over 15 field trials of its ARS system at US airports.

About National Safe Skies Alliance

Safe Skies, an independent third-party non-profit organization funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, conducts rigorous and thorough tests to detect threats, nuisance alarms, reliability, and maintainability within active airport operational and environmental conditions. Safe Skies performs its evaluations under an ISO 9001:2008–approved Quality Management System.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Flynn, President
Security Radar Integrators, Inc.
(321) 427-8873

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