San Francisco International Airport Approves Ground Based Radar Contract to SRI

After an extensive evaluation and competitive bid process, the San Francisco Airport Commission has approved a contract to Security Radar Integrators, Inc. to provide integrated ground based radar systems for perimeter intrusion detection.
SRI’s High Definition Airfield Radar System (ARS-HD) integrates Navtech radars with FLIR cameras and advanced software to automate surveillance of wide areas, over land or water. The high resolution of the radars (17 times the next best option) provides the software much more detail to process, better allowing it to filter false alarms and still track people and other objects out to more than a mile.
In addition to perimeter protection, ARS-HD is used for airfield operations and wildlife mitigation. The system has been evaluated for the FAA by National Safe Skies Alliance four times, is currently in operation at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Florida and is also being used in a pilot program at another CAT-X airport.
“The SRI team is very excited to be partnering with SFO for this important project.” says
Michelle Flynn, Vice President of Business Development. “Navtech radars have been deployed in 30 airports in Europe, and now that the FCC has approved our frequency for use in US airports, we are seeing rapid adoption of this amazing technology in the US.”
SRI was founded in 2013, and SRI team members have delivered over 25 radar surveillance systems globally since 2004.

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