AdvanceGuard Integration


AdvanceGuard is the most capable commercial surveillance platform available

Critical Infrastructure Protection

SRI automates surveillance by delivering Turn-Key surveillance systems based on Navtech Radar’s AdvanceGuard Surveillance Automation Platform. AdvanceGuard is the most capable commercial surveillance platform available, and is integrated with Navtech Ground Radar, SightLogix Thermal Analytics Cameras, Dallmeier Multi-Focal Cameras, Remote Tracking Systems (RTS) Blue Force Trackers, and more.


SRI Leads the Way in Automated Surveillance

AdvanceGuard with Navtech Radar at Orlando International Airport
AdvanceGuard with Navtech Radar at Houston Intercontinental
AdvanceGuard Web Interface for Mobile Devices
AdvanceGuard Integrated with Dallmeier Panomera Camera
AdvanceGuard with Navtech Radar Swimmer Detection
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Picture of Echoguard

AdvanceGuard Now Runs a 3D Radar

SRI offers Echodyne’s EchoGuard 3D Surveillance Radar fully integrated with Navtech’s AdvanceGuard Security Platform and other sensors. This means that end users can have the industry-leading UAS detection and classification capability of EchoGuard with the complete situational awareness, rules, and response capability of AdvanceGuard.  Using AdvanceGuard, EchoGuard ESA radars can be deployed alone or combined with Navtech Radars, SightLogix Thermal Analytics, Dallmeier Multi-Focal Cameras, and RTS Blue Force Tracking.


Echodyne's EchoGuard 3D Surveillance Radar

This video explains why EchoGuard is so effective at UAS detection.

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