Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Navtech ClearWay is the Industry's Leading Solution for Incident Detection and Response

SRI offers Navtech ClearWay, which provides all weather 360 degree traffic monitoring. With intelligent rules and integration with Traffic Management Systems, ClearWay provides the intelligence needed now and in the fast changing future.

ClearWay is Configurable to Support Your Unique Use Cases

In addition to being the best performing solution for Incident Detection, Clearway also detects and responds to people, bicycles, wildlife, debris, and wrong way driving. ClearWay is easily configured to the most complex customer requirements and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. ClearWay has minimal infrastructure requirements, fast set-up, and the lowest false alarm rates on the market.

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ClearWay has been Adopted Globally by Leading Highways Authorities

ClearWay has been adopted around the world as the system of choice for increasing safety and efficiency on roads. If you are looking for the best technology to provide the highest safety on your highways while maximizing your capacity, then ClearWay is the system for you.